Monday, August 30, 2010

Dont Recycle, FREECYCLE

Don't recycle, Freecycle: There are 4,226 online groups helping more than four million users give away "junk" to others who can use it.
Here is just one interesting recycled product:Recycled Messenger Bag

Messenger12 rePETe™ - Harbor Green Store

Recycled Materials Messenger12 rePETe™ - Harbor Green Store


We at Harbor Green Store believe that everyone should have easy access to the best, most economical Green products available.

We only seek out safe, earth-friendly and people-friendly products that everyone can use.
We look for producers that actively engage Green production practices. We expect to see recycled, sustainable, harsh-chemical free materials in our products or we will not sell them.

We carry sustainable, natural, organic, recycled, earth-friendly goods - all made with value, real-world useability, your health and the health of our planet in mind.

At the Harbor Green Store you will find that shopping green is easy.
You will find beautiful, cool, hip, colorful, fun, effective, safe, quality products that stand on their own.

Enjoy your green shopping experience!

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